ETROD & CityIndustries-May-Session: “Toxic commons” with Simone Müller(Augsburg University)

ETROD & CityIndustries-May-Session: “Toxic commons” with Simone Müller(Augsburg University)

16. 05. 2024 | 04:00 - 16. 05. 2024 | 05:30
Dear colleagues,

we are looking forward to the second session of our ETROD cycle on “chemistry and society”.
On Thursday, 16th May 2024 – 4-5:30 pm (CET) sharp – we welcome environmental historian Simone Müller(Augsburg University) to talk about “Toxic commons.”

Based on her work on the intricate intersectionality of time, space, and bodies in relation to toxic exposure – captured in the notion of toxic timescape – Simone will elaborate on toxic commons as an analytical tools to grapple with the paradoxical “we” inherent to the age of the Anthropocene.

To prepare the discussion we recommend a brief article (attached):
Müller, Simone M. 2021. "Toxic Commons: Toxic Global Inequality in the Age of the Anthropocene."  Environmental History 26 (3):444–450. doi: 10.1093/envhis/emab014.006.
Prof. Dr. Simone Müller holds a DFG Heisenberg professorship in Global Environmental History and Environmental Humanities at Augsburg University. Her research interests range from the international trade in hazardous waste material and toxicity as a historical construction, the intellectual history of economic ecological thinking, to verticality as an enviro-historical concept and the study of marine space. Her work received numerous awards and fellowships, among them from the Smithsonian Institution, the Science History Institute, and the University of Pennsylvania.
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Please also consider joining the after next ETROD session:
On the 20th June Jens Soentgen (Augsburg University) will talk about: Die moderne Chemie als Fortsetzung der Alchemie. Eine wissenschaftshistorische Umkehrung (in German).
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We are looking forward to the upcoming talks and discussions.
Janine (Hauer) and Ruzana (Liburkina) for the ETROD organizing team