Talk: "Feminist speculations and interventions: Potentials to transgress prevailing epistemic regimes"

Feminist speculations and interventions are not necessarily part of the canon of ethnographic methodology, but they are gaining importance in the wake of an increasing critique of postcolonial and hegemonic epistemic processes of knowledge production. What both ethnographic "methods" have in common is that they enable and are driven by a becoming-with in a more-than-human world. Feminist speculation is done from and with worlds; it is personal and situated writing that collaborates with affective states, experiences, and "others." Interventions, however, are situated experiments that produce epistemic effects that affect both research sites and epistemic regimes. In this talk, I will explore where the potentials (and pitfalls) lie for both epistemic methods as creative resistance. 

Speaker: Kathrin Eitel (University of Zürich)

ChairTanja Schneider, Technology Studies SHSS

Date: Monday, 8th of May, 2023
Time: 10:15 - 12:15
Location: SQUARE, Arena 11-2091or Online 
Organizers: School of Humanities and Social Sciences (SHSS-HSG) 
Language: English


Meeting-ID: 660 1785 6792 

Kenncode: 671963 


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