CityIndustries is an international research network ––
it gathers scholars from various countries and disciplines, such as Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Human Geography, Political Sciences and Urban Planning.


ETROD & CityIndustries: Extractivism and Transition Research Online Dialogues

1. 04. 2024 | 00:00 - 31. 07. 2024 | 00:00


Programm: Symposium "City / Energy Relations in Transformation"

28. 02. 2024 | 10:00 - 1. 03. 2024 | 13:30
European Humanities University, Vilnius
As a continuation of the symposium "Urban-Industrial Entanglements in Crisis" from February 2023, the symposium "City / Energy Relations in Transformation" will take place at the European Humanities University, Vilnius.


Contested Connections

Infrastructures and the Urban Everyday in the Horn of Africa
The research project focusses on port expansions, roads, and ICT networks to investigate how contemporary geo-political and geo-economic competitions are engaging international and local power holders and shape the development of transport and communication infrastructures.


Guest Lecture by Kim Fortun (University of California, Irvine) on „Late Industrial Ethnography Redoubled – From Politics to Methods and back“

Last Wednesday, June 14, the Seminar für Ethnologie of the MLU invited to a public lecture by Kim Fortun in the seminar room of the Max Planck Institute for Ethnological Research. Fortun spoke about "Late Industrial Ethnography Redoubled - Form Politics to Methods and back." Her research and teaching focus on environmental health, injustice and disaster; experimental ethnographic methods; and the poetics and politics of data infrastructure.


Cross-sectoral project: "MonoMore"

This project, in which Siarhei Liubimau - member of the CityIndustries-Network - participates, nurtures place-specific formats of applied, negotiated, never finished memorialization and meaning making in and about disrupted towns (with the primary focus on mono-functional towns after their productive phase). It blends the registers of institutions, rituals, communities, infrastructures, individuals, artifacts, dreams, media and norms, in order to open up spaces where memory and meaning making can strengthen each other.


Talk: "Feminist speculations and interventions: Potentials to transgress prevailing epistemic regimes"

Feminist speculations and interventions are not necessarily part of the canon of ethnographic methodology, but they are gaining importance in the wake of an increasing critique of postcolonial and hegemonic epistemic processes of knowledge production. In this talk, Kathrin Eitel from the University of Zürich, will explore where the potentials (and pitfalls) lie for epistemic methods as creative resistance. Join this talk in St. Gallen or Online!