CityIndustries is an international research network ––
it gathers scholars from various countries and disciplines, such as Social and Cultural Anthropology, Sociology, Human Geography, Political Sciences and Urban Planning.


Main Event: ETROD-Online dialogue with Rita Kesselring: "Swiss extractivism"

19. 10. 2023 | 16:00 - 19. 10. 2023 | 18:00


Online dialogue with Kali Rubaii (Purdue University, Indiana, US): "War is a Toxic Relationship: Finding of US Empire in Iraq"

22. 06. 2023 | 16:00 - 22. 06. 2023 | 18:00
Having recently returned from Fallujah, Iraq, in this ETROD-session, Kali Rubaii will discuss two figures of toxic exposure receiving popular attention since the US invasion and military occupation: burn pits and birth defects.


Sugar, Space and Speed

In my ongoing Hamburg-based research, I investigate the long history and contested present of sugar as a global and highly moralized commodity - including its colonial, post-colonial entanglements and the various actors involved: (beet and cane) sugar industry, international traders, the EU, terminal workers, the food industry (served Europe-wide through the port of Hamburg), lobbyists, consumers, EU regulations, governments, and others. I am interested in flow/movements of goods, knowledge, infrastructures, power struggles that can all be traced at the port of Hamburg.


Workshop: CityIndustries

18-19 April 2018 –– University of Hamburg
Initial workshop at the Department of Cultural Anthropology & European Ethnology
Get-Together, Project Presentations, field trip to the port of Hamburg and the Harbour Museum
Commentator: Prof. Alexa Färber, HafenCity University Hamburg.


Call for Applications: Summer School Post-Nuclear Urbanism

Knowledge Infrastructure in a 'Post-Nuclear' Town
16-29 August 2021 –– Knowledge Infrastructure in a 'Post-Nuclear' Town.


Call for Applications: Critical Urbanism Summer Workshop "Spatialities of Digital Twinning"

29 June-8 July 2022 –– European Humanities University in Vilnius (Lithuania)
Critical urbanism summer workshop "Spatialities of Digital Twinning". Deadline: 2 May 2022.