Asta Vonderau

Professor at the Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

conducts research in fields such as Anthropology of Governmentality and Policy as well as Energy Politics and Ressources, and is developing a methodological toolbox for anthropological research of/in data saturated worlds. Empirically, Asta's research has mainly focussed on actual political and economic developments in Europe, including investigations on postsocialist transformation processes, the social effects of EU policies and standards in various local contexts as well as on the relations between global (IT) industries and urban change. Her most recent research project investigated the implementation of cloud infrastructure data center industry in Sweden. Currently, she is beginning a study on the transition from coal mining to renewable energy production and the making of post extractive futures in the former industrial cities in Germany. 


You can find Asta and her work here:


Selected Publications

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