Felix Schiedlowski

PhD Candidate, Institute for Social and Cultural Anthropology at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Felix is a social anthropologist, focussing on politics and energy in Eastern Germany and Northern Ireland. In his PhD project - A world full of gaps: Phasing-down coal and the hunt for a post-fossil society in Eastern Germany – he is looking at the process of energy transition in the Central German Mining District, politically called Strukturwandel. This word indicates that the down-scaling of coal is compensated with the up-scaling of new forms of energy, economy, and society. As a result, Strukturwandel opens up negotiations and contestations about visions of, and access to, post-carbon futures. Previously, Felix has studied how the urban recovery of the city of Belfast shapes the Northern Irish peace process.


You can find Felix and his work here:



2022. How to deal with the future? Anthropological interventions for studying attachments to time in Northern Ireland and Eastern Germany. Irish Journal of Anthropology, 24/1, S. 130-147.

2020. Strategien von Frieden und Erneuerung in Belfast. Der nordirische Unionismus auf der Suche nach einem Platz im Friedensprozess. Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung, 9/2, S. 233-254.