Meg Sherval

Senior lecturer in the Discipline of Geography and Environmental Studies/Centre for Urban and Regional Studies, University of Newcastle, Australia.

is a Human Geographer specialising in environmental and legal geography. She is interested in the complex intersection of geography and law and her research interests are place-based. They revolve around issues of land-use change and development of unconventional and emerging energy sources such as shale and coal seam gas both locally and internationally. In researching these issues, she seeks to understand the complicated dynamics associated with energy development - how it is framed materially and discursively, the strategic decision-making around it and the contestation that exists over access to, and use of it and the natural environment more generally.

Her most recent work considers final voids and post-mining landscapes and futures. She is interested in how as communities’ transition away from fossil fuel use and development, a just and equitable transition might be made.


You can find Meg and her work here:


Selected Publications:

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

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